Amazing Skin Care Tips During Winter

Winter and skin— not a perfect match. We know that during winter, the weather is cold and dry. This weather type has a huge impact on our skin. The cold and crisp weather steals the moisture from our skin, making it dry, and worst get a chapped skin.

We love the snow, we love winter, we love the holidays, but our skin suffers from the low humidity level that is caused by dry weather. What should you do to keep your skin moisturized during the winter season?

Here are some winter skin care tips that help soothe dry skin.

First, the basic line of defense is to keep hydrated. Drink lots of water. It is really good to drink hot beverages like hot cocoa and tea, but these drinks cause us to visit the toilet more often, which results in lesser body fluids. Remember that the skin needs to be hydrated from inside, and out. So, a glass of warm water will help soothe the dryness.

Second, wash your face with warm water. Try not to use too much facial wash when you clean your face. Make sure to wash it with warm water as it prevents the natural oil from your face being washed away.

Third, choose your moisturizer properly. Right after you wash your face, you need to apply moisturizer. Be careful with the moisturizing product that you use because some products may cause your skin from becoming drier. Choose wisely, choose moisturizers that are oil-based, rather than water-based. Remember that different seasons demand different types of moisturizers.

Fourth, use protective gears. Protect your skin, hands and your face from the cold winds and snow. Use gloves for your hands and a scarf for your face.

Lastly, use sunscreen. You might ask, why would you need sunscreen, it is winter! The winter sun can be as damaging as the summer sun, so make sure that you are protected from the sun rays.

These skin care tips will help lessen your worries during the winter season. This means you can still enjoy any outdoor activity while keeping your skin protected.



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