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I created this page so that readers who know of a great beauty-related deal/sighting/sale/etc. can easily post about it and share it with other readers as quickly as possible. Everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to post comments here, but before you do, please read the following guidelines.
* No links to your blog – this isn’t about self-promotion.
* No referral links – this isn’t about making you money, it’s about saving you money!
* No weekly drugstore sale info – please refrain from leaving comments about current or upcoming weekly drugstore sales. I cover the weekly drugstore sales in my regular Weekly Drugstore Makeup Sale post every Sunday. However, if you see that I’ve omitted something in my Weekly Drugstore Makeup Sale post and you want to let us know about it, please do so (and thank you!).
* No repeat info – if a topic has already been covered in one of the comments already on this page or in one of my blog posts I cannot approve it.  I’m trying to keep this page as clean and streamlined as possible so I hope you understand.
No unrelated topics – if you have a question for me that doesn’t have to do with a sale/sighting/deal/etc. please email me at the address listed in the Contact section of this blog.

Thanks to everyone who has ever left a comment here (and to everyone who leaves one in the future) for making this page such an incredible resource for ALL of us!



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